A Complicated Kindness Thesis

The verb tense throughout the novel was sometimes mixed making the reader wonder if she's talking about the present or if she's older now or looking back. Another aspect was the lack of quotation usage when she was speaking Conclusion Overall a complicated kindness is a great book to read , it shows how strong families can turn against themselves and break apart. To ignore it entirely, however, is probably unrealistic. thing is temporary so I just try and get through it, enjoy meeting some genuinely nice people and take a lot of notes along the way.

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He told her to remember the affirmative words of Jesus " I am with you always" .

This character gives the story hope with his emotional thoughts towards his daughter, how he still managed to abandon his daughter just to give her freedom without him getting hurt . "I have a theory, though: it was grief that drew my mom to you and love that pulled her back.

As a fictional device it sometimes works in the sense that it's a compact environment to worth within, much like setting a piece in a specific city neighbourhood.

TM: I have two friends who both need new spleens, are you up for some transplants? MT: Yes, though I found out I had three spleens several years ago, it feels as though they have multiplied or somehow reproduced.

My fiction is always a composite from both my life and the lives of people I know or have met.

As for small town life, I sure as hell don't miss it personally - give me urban!

I have "spleens-a-plenty" so by all means you're welcome to as many of mine as you need.

TM: Have you had enough of people not seeing the difference between your work and your life?

The momentum of the road trip is used to excellent effect in this book.

Is that what you started with or did you develop the characters and they needed a road trip?


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