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Such statements can lead very naturally into a statement of how your research uniquely addresses the issue.

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If your abstract doesn’t grab their attention and make a good first impression, there’s a good chance your research paper will be rejected at the outset.

Moreover, even after your research paper is published, your abstract will be the first, and possibly only, thing readers will access through electronic searches.

Excessive detail is unnecessary; however, you should briefly state the key techniques used.

Abstracts in biological or clinical fields should mention the organism, cell line, or population studied.

In scientific writing, on the other hand, abstracts are usually structured to describe the background, methods, results, and conclusions, with or without subheadings.

Now how do you go about fitting the essential points from your entire paper— why the research was conducted, what the aims were, how these were met, and what the main findings were—into a paragraph of just 200-300 words?

Thus, it immediately grabs the attention of the reader.

The next sentence might go on to describe what information is lacking in the field or what previous researchers have done to try to address the problem.

It’s not an easy task, but here’s a 10-step guide that should make it easier: Now revisit your abstract with these steps in mind, and I’m sure you’ll be able to revise it and make it more attractive.

Another thing you can do is go back to some of the most interesting papers you have read during your literature review.


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