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It was the difference between drawing a man's face and using abstraction to explore his soul.

But thus was the fundamental gap in my artistic understanding—the difference between the surface realities that I wanted to depict, and the profound though elusive truths of the human condition that art could explore.

Playing a crudely fashioned bamboo pipe, in the midst of sullen inmates—this is how I envision my grandfather.

Never giving up hope, he played every evening to replace images of bloodshed with memories of loved ones at home.

One such example is “the whiteness of the background” on his sketchbook being “meticulously preserved” but yet “marred by the frenzied strokes of my instructor's charcoal.” Nevertheless, imagery alone does not provide the concrete, powerful narrative found in Bobby’s essay.

One of the most powerful appeals of the essay is that it represents a coming-of-age story that echoes the Bildungsroman literary sub-genre, in which characters evolve psychologically from youth to adulthood during the story.Browse through these guides and get the essentials.If you have something helpful to add, please submit a comment.Apart from surface manifestations altogether, this realm was simultaneously one of austere simplicity and aesthetic intricacy, of departure from realism and immersion in reality, of intense emotion and uninhibited expression.It was the realm of lines that could tell stories, of colors and figures that meant nothing and everything.State: Pennsylvania, USA High School: Private school, 120 students in graduating class Ethnicity: Asian Gender: Female GPA: 3.91 out of 4.0 SAT: Reading 800, Math 780, Writing 800 ACT: n/a SAT Subject Tests Taken: Mathematics Level 2, Biology M, Chemistry, Spanish Extracurriculars: Varsity tennis captain, varsity swimming captain, Mock Trial captain, Student Council Officer, A.I du Pont Hospital Volunteer Awards: Diamond Challenge Grand Prize Winner, Lincoln Scholarship Essay, National Merit finalist, National Honor Society scholarship finalist, Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Sciences Scholarship Major: Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology ESSAY Clear, hopeful melodies break the silence of the night.Late evening rays streamed through these sprawling glass panes, casting a gentle glow upon all that they graced—paper and canvases and paintbrushes alike. The instructor sometimes talked, and we sometimes listened.As day became night, the soft luminescence of the art studio gave way to a fluorescent glare, defining the clean rectilinear lines of Dillon Art Center against the encroaching darkness. Most of the time, though, it was just us—children, drawing and talking and laughing and sweating in the cluttered and overheated mess of an art studio.Each 10 Step Guide distills a complex subject into easy-to-follow and concrete action steps.You shouldn't have to read 200 pages on the history and politics of college admission or financial aid, when all you want are the ten steps it takes to get into and pay for college.


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