Alternative Fuel Research Paper

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There are many research papers which present data on these different alternative fuels, yet it is difficult to compare the fuels with any confidence.

The majority of published studies do not use consistent methodology and make many assumptions (which may or may not be reported).

Reformulated gasoline, compressed natural gas, liquified petroleum gas, methanol-85 and methanol-100 are compared to conventional gasoline and Diesel fuels.

The scope of the study includes emissions comparisons on the basis of standard emissions test cycles, low ambient temperature effects, mileage degradation as well as vehicle technology.

Such renewable energy carriers are also known as the first generation biofuels.

However, not only the raw materials required to meet the growing global demand for such biofuels are limited but also continuing to rely upon such resources; that is, edible feedstock would result in a more serious global food versus energy conflict.The expansion of compressed air may be used to drive the pistons in a modified piston engine.Efficiency of operation is gained through the use of environmental heat at normal temperature to warm the otherwise cold expanded air from the storage tank.Already, there are significant changes in mainstream gasoline and Diesel formulation to accommodate tighter emissions standards.Some alternative fuels are being promoted as “cleaner” replacements for gasoline and Diesel fuel.Additionally, some of the parameters producing variances in emissions values from paper to paper are discussed.Citation: Dhaliwal, B., Yi, N., and Checkel, D., "Emissions Effects of Alternative Fuels in Light-Duty and Heavy-Duty Vehicles," SAE Technical Paper 20, 2000, air engine is an emission-free piston engine that uses compressed air as a source of energy.The first compressed air car was invented by a French engineer named Guy Nègre.Renewable bioenergies have attracted an increasing deal of attention as alternatives to fossil fuels in recent years.Feedstock used for most of the commercially available biofuels is sugars and starchy materials as well as vegetable oil resources.


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