An Act Of Heroism And Cowardice Essay

He may not agree with why they are fighting or how, but he will no longer lack the courage to support those around him. He will remember Jim's sacrifice, and that will sustain him through any future doubts.Stephen Crane defines cowardice through the questions and thoughts of Henry.In ''The Red Badge of Courage'', Stephen Crane defines and examines cowardice through his character Henry Fleming.

It is this idea that pervades Henry's every waking moment. He concludes from this action that even the smallest creatures know when to run away from harm. As a result, Henry figures it is better to run and fight another day.

He fears that he will not have the courage to stand and fight when the time comes. A squirrel convinces Henry that he is not a coward. This is still cowardice according to Henry's reflection.

The definition of cowardice has evolved over the years.

Rather than indicating just a lack of courage, the word also connotes fear. Stephen Crane defines his idea of cowardice in his novel The Red Badge of Courage, which follows the experiences of a young soldier, Henry Fleming, during the Civil War.

Both the tattered man and Jim Conklin fought hard and were wounded. By listening to these men, he gains an understanding of how an act of cowardice might affect those around you.

It is Jim's death, however, that has the greatest effect.

His death reminds Henry of the courage it takes to stand tall.

In the end, Henry learns that cowardice can be overcome and does not need to feed into one's fears.

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