An Inspector Calls English Coursework

Macbeth is one of Shakespeare's great tragedies, and in this study guide we analyse the key meanings and subtleties within the play.We discuss the main protagonists, the key themes and the context and break down the core scenes so that you have all the necessary facts and arguments at your disposal.

This series, written by Charlotte Unsworth, a prolific blogger on English literature and English teacher at Skipton Girls High School, will examine each of the 15 poems you are required to study across AQA's Love and Relationships poetry anthology for GCSE.

From Seamus Heaney's 'Follower' to Charlotte Mew's 'The Farmer's Bride', each poem will be fully examined, looking at structure, form and language so that you will gain an in-depth understanding of all the aspects that you need to study. The multi award-winning Smart Pass study guide with and without commentary options.

So, you are stuck with having to revise Romeo and Juliet, a Shakespearean play about a lovestruck clueless couple with communication issues?

In the next 30 minutes, I am going to make this revision process as pain-free as possible.

Full of sound effects to help cement important points, each chapter will furnish you with the information to help you understand key concepts and excel in your learning.

An Inspector Calls has an enduring appeal and still resonates today.Written by Catherine Hartley and Stella Vassiliou, both of whom have master's degrees in English literature from Cambridge and Oxford Universities respectively.In this English language guide, we take you from the very basics that you require to more complex sentence structuring and comprehension, helping guide you through your English Language GCSE.In John Steinbeck's classic novella, we see two friends working through the farmlands in California during the time of the Great Depression.In this study guide for GCSE, we examine Of Mice and Men in detail, looking at the myriad of themes involved, the key characters, its context, the structure and the setting as well as giving a detailed step-by-step guide to each chapter, so you can easily follow the book and to prepare you for your exams. Not only will we provide you with all you need to know for your physics i GCSE but we will take you on a journey to far-flung places, really bringing the wonderful world of physics alive.The poetry of Shakespeare's star crossed lovers is poignantly performed and expertly explained in this unique production: "Passion lends them power." Infamously known as the cursed Scottish play, Macbeth is perhaps Shakespeare’s darkest tragedy.When General Macbeth is foretold by three witches that he will one day be King of Scotland, Lady Macbeth convinces him to get rid of anyone who could stand in his way – including committing regicide.In this study guide we narrate and analyse all 15 poems in the the AQA Power and Conflict poetry anthology to prepare those who are studying for their English Literature GCSE.Written by Rebecca Kleanthous, an English teacher and an examiner who specialises in poetry, this series will enable you to understand the themes and ideas across the poems, analyses the techniques used by the poets, including language and structure and provides suitable comparisons with other poems within the cluster.As Macbeth ascends to the throne through bloody murder, he becomes a tyrant consumed by fear and paranoia.This series for GCSE History follows the Edexcel specification and will furnish you with all the information required for your coursework and exam.


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