Anti Bullying Law Essay

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These children were well mannered with adults, dressed well, and were, to outsiders, the epitome of nice kids. She became romantically involved with a senior football player.

Other girls resented this, and over a period of several months they bumped into her, sent her threatening text messages, and called her ' Irish slut' to her face.

School officials, meanwhile, did nothing to stop it, though the bullying was known.

Phoebe's mother complained to school staffers, and some of the bullying was witnessed by teachers in the school.

Peter Smith, of the Goldsmith College Unit for School and Family Studies (nod)., has outlined the definition and types and prevalence of school bullying and violence.

According to Smith, bullying is repeated oppression of a less powerful person, physical or psychological, by a more powerful person (taken from Farrington, 1993).The brutal assault upon Professor Macdougall, perpetrated yesterday by a notorious theatrical manager in this city, is one of those outrages that call for exemplary punishment in a civilized community.The ruffian who made the assault has so long enjoyed the privilege of venting his brutal passions upon all who incur his displeasure, that, that he has come to consider it his right to insult, bully, beat and maim any person who dares cross his path or interfere with his interests.Six of the students were charged as adults; the other three as juveniles. Considering the recent efforts on the part of some governmental officials, schools, parents who have become aware, and the general public to combat this kind of violence, research is needed to explore further options as remedies to and consequences for bullying incidences at schools.Policy efforts aimed at curtailing the practice are a good start, but more needs to be done.According to the National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center, about 30% of youth in the US are believed to be involved with bullying, either as a perpetrator, victim or both. Education Com reports that bullying is an age-old problem because children are afraid of retribution and consequences, and adults often do not handle bullying episodes with respect to the victim.Bystanders usually do not intervene, allowing the bullying to continue.Twain wrote of them; Charles Dickens had several of them in several of his novels, among them Noah Claypole in Oliver Twist and Dolge Orlick in Great Expectations.In each case, they were children terrorizing other children and simply getting away with it because bullying was considered the norm.Using journals, surveys, and professional websites such as the National Association of School Principals, this research will highlight what is being done, some of the history of bullying and efforts to control it, and new measures designed to treat bullying as a serious crime and not just, what mischievous children do.It is hoped that for those reading it-school officials and policy-makers-some change will occur that will enlighten people to the reality of the violence perpetrated in our schools and lead to policies and changes that can and will address the problem of bullying realistically and with some force.


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