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He can be also very harsh to his own sentry, still being a good king.In the meantime, he behaves very noble and courteous towards Antigone, clearly showing her his respect and affection.The second criterion is passed by both Antigone and Creon.

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At the beginning of the play we can suggest that his stubbornness also would be his fatal flaw, but later we see that his anger and inability to seek compromise can be controlled pretty well.

When King Creon regains his composure and listens to the rumors that are spread among the townsfolk, he changes his mind and decides to spare Antigone.

Ismene also sees his soft side with Creon being soft-spoken and calm with her.

Antigone is by no means a saint, because she was clearly involved in the incestuous relationship with her brother, but from the other side she is the one who is faithful to the traditions and has mercy over anyone.

So, his flaw turns into his benefit – he is a wise ruler, able to put aside his emotions.

The amount of compassion to Creon and Antigone also differs drastically.

But he can play the clever drama, condemning her as a just King and then pardoning her as a merciful King, listening to the opinion of his people, who demand to release Antigone.

Still, this isn’t a flaw of his personality, it is the complications connected with ruling a country and preserving his throne, so Creon doesn’t qualify as a tragic hero here.

Creon doesn’t have the single fatal flaw that the true tragic hero must fall a victim of.

Though he looks like a hostage of his position – he can’t let Antigone go with what she has done, because it questions his political power and his position as a King.


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