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I taught have been a teacher two years prior to this: one in middle school and one in high school. ..important it is for students to create a studying routine, in order to reinforce the material they discuss every day in class.

In many cases, clarifying two or three difficult topics can be the key to success for students. I have a special passion for math and physics and I believe students only dislike it when is taught in too regimented a manner, as is often the case in schools.

During my travels, I often take photos of the food I eat, the scenery, and anything interesting that catches my eye.

I also enjoy cooking, baking, and eating the food I make! ..with homework, but during high school I was able to get involved in programs that traveled to elementary and middle schools to tutor in after school homework help programs.

Outside of tutoring I enjoy outdoor activities, including rock climbing, mountain biking, and walking...

...degree in Chemistry from Brigham Young University.I have lots of experience tutoring high school and college students in various levels of math classes, from Algebra and Geometry to AP Calculus.I work with the student to figure out how they learn best, and identify specific goals of learning to create a plan for tutoring....experience of studying the material enjoyable for the student.I often use mnemonics and analogies to make the information more understandable.I have applied my knowledge of renewable energy systems to turn my home into a living sustainability lab with a 3.8 k W......a graduate student in neural computation, and majored in math as an undergraduate.Accordingly, I emphasize the need to practice "speaking" the... I have experience tutoring students from elementary through college in subjects including math, biology, chemistry, and physics.I excel in one on one teaching and utilize creative methods (videos, props, etc.) for teaching abstract concepts.I enjoy teaching and tutoring all the physical sciences but I especially like Statics, Dynamics, and Thermodynamics.I also enjoy teaching and tutoring Math, especially Differential and Integral Calculus.


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