Apartheid In South Africa Essay

Apartheid sparked significant internal resistance and violence as well as a long arms and trade embargo against South Africa.

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The Apartheid museum is not dedicated to Nelson Mandela but rather to the entire period of Apartheid, its history, how people lived, and the significant events of the times.

But before I talk about the museum, it may be good to shed some history on South Africa from my perspective.

Asians from China, and South East Asia came here for similar reasons and unlike America, where they deported Chinese railroad workers after their service was done, these populations stayed.

South Africa may be the only third world country with this much racial diversity.

One of these is the Apartheid Museum; a museum dedicated to remembering a time in South Africa’s history similar to that of America’s Jim Crow south.

Apartheid means apartness in Afrikaans (one of the local languages derived from Dutch) and was one of the few things I knew about South Africa having learned about it in high school.Under Apartheid, the vast African majority saw many of their rights curtailed in favor for the ruling Afrikaner minority.So think of everything associated with America’s civil rights struggles; separate bathrooms, no right to vote, segregated schools, buses etc.Traveling is great and I have many more travels planned but sometimes I forget I’m in a city that’s as different to home as it gets.There are things to do and see in Johannesburg as well.Both countries openly discriminated against its black population and made it a point to exclude them from the happenings of the country.It’s a moot point to argue which group had it worse as both suffered through generations of tumultuous ordeals that mark some of mankind’s darkest times.Eventually, in the 1980s, talks from the ruling majority were in place to end Apartheid culminating in the first multi-racial elections of 1994, that Mandela won and it was here that Apartheid was finally abolished. In fact, the diversity of races here rivals that of America and its first world counterparts to my huge surprise.Most people that have not lived in South Africa will likely only think there is white and black here. There is a large Indian population here that were brought here hundreds of years ago into indentured servitude.Nevertheless, there are some noticeable differences between the two.Without a doubt, one of the key differences was that Apartheid was setup as a national policy of racism and segregation passed down from the highest levels of government with writing in the countries constitution.


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