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Cool Vent calculations are based on a multi-zone model with coupled energy and flow equations, and rely on two basic assumptions: uniform temperature distribution in each zone (floor) of the building, and unidirectional air flow through its openings.

It has been successfully validated for conditions that match these two assumptions.

The sponsored research gives the students exposure to both practitioners and other international scholars working with important issues in their field of interest.

Many students serve as research assistants, receiving financial support to cover tuition and some living expenses.

Three significant contributions are presented in this thesis.

A flexible system identification framework was developed that is well-suited to accommodate the unique features of mixed-mode buildings.For all US buildings, space cooling and ventilation consume 16% of building energy use.However, in cooling-dominated climates, this percentage is significantly higher.My goal is being able to predict the strength of air stratification in a room, and the effect that this density gradient has on the temperature of the room's occupied zone and the air flow in and out of each zone.Student: Stephen Ray, Ph D student in Department of Mechanical Engineering Advisor: Leon Glicksman In the United States and most developed countries buildings consume roughly 40% of the nation’s primary energy, a number that is steadily growing.Further, the effectiveness of this framework was demonstrated on an actual multi-zone, mixed-mode building, with model prediction accuracy shown to exceed that published for other naturally ventilated or mixed-mode buildings, none of which exhibited the complexity of this building.Finally, an efficient algorithm was constructed to optimize control strategies over extended planning horizons using a model-based approach.Student: Maria Alejandra Menchaca Brandan Cool Vent , developed in the Building Technology Research Group over the last decade, is a simulation tool for early design of buildings that predicts the effects of natural ventilation on the building's internal temperatures and airflow rates.The tool, the first of its kind, allows simulating time-varying thermal conditions for a typical day of a month (based on weather data), accounting for the effects of thermal mass, and night cooling.Lack of data regarding building apertures precluded the use of the model for control purposes.An additional contribution was the development of a procedure for extracting building time constants from experimental data in such a way that they are constrained to be physically meaningful.


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