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They free ride off taxpayers’ investment in medical research, and they spend more on marketing than on research and development. The Case Against Importation Opponents of importation rebut all five of these arguments, and offer five new arguments against importation.Let’s start with the rebuttals.(1) Drug prices are not too high.

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Prescription drugs make up only about 10 percent of total health care spending, and their prices are rising more slowly than other, bigger, cost drivers. Generic drugs now make up half the prescription drug market and will continue to increase their market share, so lower-cost drugs are available.(2) Canadian drugs were safe, but they aren’t anymore.

Imports of drugs into Canada from Brazil, Bangladesh, China, South Africa, and even Saudi Arabia and Iran have all increased dramatically in the past year.

Under the recently passed Medicare reform law, people with low incomes or high drug costs can count on Medicare paying all or virtually all of their drug expenses.

The fact that not everyone pays the same price for prescription drugs is not “unfair.” Discriminatory pricing exists because it benefits consumers: more products get sold to willing buyers than if a single price were offered.(5) Drug companies are not evil.

Richard Epstein and other legal scholars observe that it is entirely appropriate for a government committed to free trade to nevertheless restrict imports of products when the exporters are violating patents and contractual agreements forbidding resale.

Foreign governments enforce their price controls by threatening to license domestic companies to produce drugs that are patent-protected in the U. That’s a threat to the international patent system, and allowing importation legitimizes this act of blackmail.(2) Any savings would only be short-term.

The medical and psychological effects are very obvious.

Addicts cannot function as normal members of society.

We know that drugs in Canada typically cost one-third as much as drugs in the U.

S., so there is an obvious opportunity to cut costs and possibly save lives.(2) Canadian drugs are safe.


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