As Level Sociology Coursework

As Level Sociology Coursework-67
Prospective doctoral candidates should examine this statement carefully. regulations, please view the Sociology Graduate Student Manual.SOC:7820 Seminar: Selected Topics in Social Stratification, 3 s.h.

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Prerequisites: advanced graduate standing and consent of instructor.

This course has most similarity with History, Politics and Psychology.

Prerequisite: sociology graduate standing or consent of instructor SOC:5310 Gender Theory, 3 s.h.

Introduction to sociological analysis of gender; multiple ways that gender patterns the social world in which we live; predominant theoretical stances related to study of gender; how gender structures everyday social interaction; how social institutions (e.g., work, family) give rise to and recreate gendered meanings, expectations, structures; possibilities for interventions and change to gender system. Occupational gender segregation; gender gap in pay; role of family caregiving in women's lower pay; devaluation of caregiving work; comparable worth. Classical and contemporary theories; current research on the causes and magnitude of inequality in economics, power, and prestige; social mobility; critical issues in stratification.

Prerequisite: basic multiple regression or consent of instructor. SOC:5165 Race, Class and Gender Inequalities in Education, 3 s.h.

Role of ascribed characteristics (e.g., race, class, gender) on educational opportunities and outcomes; achievement gaps, school desegregation, social and cultural capital, peer influence, family attributes, neighborhood influence, influence of significant others, course-taking patterns, and educational destinations. Sociological approach to study of higher education; issues of inequality and stratification in higher education; focus on relationship between higher education and larger economic and demographic processes; college access, college destinations, attainment, and returns to a college degree. Aspects of urban inequality in post-industrial cities; racial inequality, urban poverty, neighborhood inequality, and municipal bankruptcy. Supervised preparation for teaching sociology courses; literature on teaching; course objectives, alternative teaching techniques; preparation of course syllabus, lectures, discussions, exams.

Theories of crime causation and their relationships to the cultures in which they have functioned. Distribution of crime as rooted in community-level conditions such as concentrated affluence or poverty, racial residential segregation, unemployment, family disruption, and immigration.

SOC:6420 Seminar: Selected Topics in Deviance and Control, 3 s.h.

Statistical techniques associated with general linear model; emphasis on multiple regression, its generalizations; corresponding computer programs. SOC:7170 Advanced Statistical Modeling of Data, 3 s.h.

Models for analysis of categorical data, including loglinear, logit, related discrete data models.


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