Bachelor Thesis Political Science

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What we expect from a thesis; links to the theoretical courses; which particular events are included: information about thesis templates and so on.

Students are asked to produce one policy brief exploring a policy challenge and possible responses to it using mostly primary sources, and one essay which explores intelligence and national security from more conceptual angles using a range of primary and secondary sources.

Students were asked to address issues such as the balace of power between China and the US, as well as to critically engage with the so-called Asian Values debate.

In particular, they demonstrate an excellent understanding of modernisation processes and of the ways early empires worked.

This online database contains the full-text of Ph D dissertations and Masters’ theses of Wilfrid Laurier University students from 1982 forward.It is a good idea to reflect on a topic for the thesis early on during the semester.It is possible to choose a topic, which is not related to the theme of the theoretical course, given that you and your supervisor are in agreement.Second-semester theses on intermediate level are written in pairs, but Bachelor's and Master's students are expected to author their thesis individually.Collaborations are typically not allowed on these levels.STVM23 (30 credits) for students pursuing a Master's (Two Years) in European Affairs and WPMM43 (30 credits) is for students pursuing a Master's (Two Year) in Welfare Policies and Management, major Political Science.In order to pass you must also participate in an opposition seminar. The opposition seminar is discussed in detail in section five.Students were also given the choice of devising their own questions to explore the wider implications of the Asia-Pacific region in global politics.These essays critically analyse, guided by a range of suggested questions, the interaction of religion and politics in a case study chosen by the student.This page includes criteria for assessment, relation to theoretical courses, seminars and other exercises during the time of writing.There is also a template for the thesis and other information.


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