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The result is a fun, highly portable device that instantly appeals to creative professionals -- but one that's not nearly as practical as Lenovo makes it out to be.That doesn't mean it can't be an option for your secondary or travel computer, instead of a Chromebook, i Pad or other small-screen budget laptop.

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Fortunately, you can turn one or both of these effects off via a control panel, as well as adjust the brightness of the backlit keyboard icons.

With the haptic feedback on but the beeping off, the keyboard feels much more exact, with just a tiny bit of lag under fast typing.

Phones probably come closest to hitting the mark, especially with one-thumb swipe-based typing such as what is offered in Swype and Swift Key, but that's not how you want to write anything more than a quick email or a social media status update.

Typing on a flat faux keyboard surface has been done before.

You are more than welcome to use any of the striped surface lot, or the wood chipped parking behind the barn!

Right out of the gate, the Lenovo Yoga Book gets credit for offering one of the most unusual designs we've ever seen: This superportable two-in-one laptop/tablet hybrid includes a Wacom sketching pad that can instantly transform into a QWERTY keyboard.My favorite example is a long-forgotten Acer laptop, called the Iconia 6120, from 2011.It was essentially two 14-inch LCD screens clamshelled together.I trained my fingers to adjust to the quirks of this system quickly, but this isn't a device for longform typing.The small touchpad below the keyboard is wide but very short, and it's easy to misread exactly where it starts unless you're staring directly down at it.Please use the large parking lot behind the building on Peachtree.To enter, use the driveway in between our building and Imperial Fez, just South of our storefront.While the Halo keyboard lacks the physical feedback of pushing a key down, there are two forms of feedback built in. There's a small haptic kick from typing, and that makes it easier to tell if a keystroke has registered, which is especially important while typing long sentences.That works fine, although it's a general all-over kick, not localized to the area of the backlit keyboard you're trying to hit. At least it's every keystroke as long as you pause a few beats between each letter.The overall shape and size of the Yoga Book can't be beat.It's 0.9 mm thick and weighs a hair over 1.5 pounds (680 grams).


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