Boutique Consulting Firm Cover Letter

Boutique Consulting Firm Cover Letter-84
Lessons from working with those applicants have been built into this program.

Lessons from working with those applicants have been built into this program.EMBA classes are not big and therein lies the problem.

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FC experienced hire clients have joined from the senior associate level all the way to director at Mc Kinsey & BCG.

It is a mistake to assume that one need only join at the associate level.

Therefore, EMBAs have less time to prepare because they have full time jobs, they have a tougher path because they have less support and usually more responsibilities (spouse, children), yet they have more options so they need more time to analyze those options.

Firms are also not sure about the intent of an experienced hire to join and as a result of the above they have a lower probability of getting in.

The program is developed in a conversational back and forth style. Most clients have been surprised about the depth of the information provided.

It is very prescriptive: this is what you need to do, this is why and this is how you do it, and this is some of the interesting stories that happened with other clients if they did it and if they did not do it.

And the idea was to create a program that will be very easy for experienced hires / EMBAs to consume while they are working.

This audio training program is specific to experienced hires / EMBAs. This program will help anyone going through case interview preparation, obviously, and we recommend you listen to it if you have access to it, but if you are an experienced hire or an EMBA, this is designed specifically for you.

So many paths are available and, in addition to the general paths, we have recently been focusing on those seeking specialized roles, BTO and implementation.

BTO, in particular, is a path we recommend since it fits perfectly for those with a technology background, is a route to the partnership and teaches all the general problem solving skills. If you are a fresh MBA or an undergraduate about 70% of material will be applicable.


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