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Business Ethics Research Paper Topics-35
The state of the art based on the expert panel’s consensuses on the emerging issues in Business Ethics permits the early detection of emerging lines, thus narrowing the research line and decreasing subject selection time.

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We have decided to apply the Delphi method because it has some advantages compared with other methods, such as surveys, interviews, or focus groups.

The experts that participate are extremely honest, they do not feel group pressure, and feedback is helpful for them.

There is a gap in the representation of the research on certain management topics in Business Ethics, so this research will constitute a significant and valuable tool for novel researchers.

It is useful for creating a research agenda.], and there are many different issues integrated as Business Ethics topics and problems.

The structure of the remainder of this paper is as follows.

We first describe the literature about the Delphi method and analyze the situation of the papers published in the area using the of Thomson Reuters (followed using Social Science Citation Index—SSCI) and the country as the criterion because it is the purpose of this research to establish only the European vision of the Business Ethics research agenda.However, the misunderstanding comes from both the term used and the country-effect for understanding.In this regard, Enderle [] states that in Europe, the preferred issues are those related to the macro level, and only by using indirect analysis are the ethical gaps included.Therefore, from this view, the direct approach is easier, and the options to address Business Ethics problems are from the bottom up.Coming back to Europe, the view of this paper permits us to say that Europeans emphasize macro issues.A priori, the list will be extended probably without limit, perhaps because of the idiosyncrasies of the authors.However, we will show that some of the most important experts in this field in Europe could agree about expected future research lines in this regard.This study will contribute to providing a healthy picture of the discipline, in line with the research of Werhane and Freeman [] years ago.Moreover, the prediction of topics will be helpful for new and novel researchers in the area in terms of increasing their confidence about the interest in the topics in which they are going to contribute or in terms of detecting the topics and the researchers that have previously researched those topics.More importantly, there are sometimes different understandings of the same term.Such is the case with “ethics in the company or business,” which is described by different terms at different levels of application.


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