Business Plan For Interview Template

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The candidate must understand the business well enough to present a full plan about the job.

And the employer must be savvy enough to expect it.

Gerry was a very successful marketing executive who’d been with his company for more than a decade.

He had a chance for a job at an up-and-coming technology company and asked me the best way to handle an interview with someone he’d never met before.

Nick Corcodilos writes "Ask The Headhunter," a weekly blog on in which he shows you how to tackle the daunting obstacles that job hunters and managers face when trying to work together.

His books, "Fearless Job Hunting," "Keep Your Salary Under Wraps," "How to Work with Headhunters," and "How Can I Change Careers? Ask The Headhunter® is a registered trademark of Nick Corcodilos.Those that can’t get past these challenges don’t deserve your time.In a nutshell, Volpe asks candidates to do—in the interview—exactly the kind of work they’d be doing if he hired them: • Go to the whiteboard and "Draw a funnel …The sales manager is looking for someone who analyzes what actions must be taken in order to produce a certain level of sales, and how those sales can be steadily increased over time.Demonstrate that you know how to plan a strategic sales campaign and what you will change if your production does not live up to your plan's expectations. Sales managers are looking for professional sales reps who will improve the image of the company and make sales without generating complaint calls from the customers.Create a table projecting monthly sales goals, the number of transactions required to meet those goals, and explain how you plan to achieve those transactions.Outline the details of your target customers and describe what makes them want to buy.My favorite answers: “the budget” and “how much salary he wants.” What Gerry actually wrote down was his estimate—based on his plan—of how much profit he thought he could bring to the bottom line.(We covered some of the details of this interview approach in “Salary Surveys: How To Prove You’re Worth More Money.”) When Gerry was done, the exec left the room and came back with four other managers.Or is your charming personality and ability to sell your greatest asset?Estimate how many sales you need to close in order to make an average month's commission income, and infer how many customer contacts that requires if you only sell to one out of every 10 customers.


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