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Check your SMART goals monthly to see if you’re on track and add in any recent, useful customer input or testimonials.Your accountant or your bank’s small business adviser should be able to talk you through any questions you have.While the bulk of the planning still rests on the shoulders of the founders, accounting is a mammoth task that is practically impossible without professional support.

But no matter how great your idea is, it’s always best to do your homework and craft a solid business plan before you launch.

A business plan maps out your business idea, analysing strengths, weaknesses, your competition and the marketplace.

The key data surrounding the proposed projects are important of course, especially a project’s legal status.

It’s important to outline the following information at the beginning of your business plan: The business concept is the key to every business and the cornerstone of any business plan.

You may not have to worry about the cost of commercial real estate or even need to secure an investor or bank loan.

However, business plans are not just for attracting investment — doing the research and putting your plan into writing means your business is more likely to succeed.Want to turn your business into one that's flexible, efficient and doesn't confine you to the office?Get our free guide and discover how you can save time and money by building your own virtual business. Compared to a traditional bricks-and-mortar company, setting up an ecommerce business can be inexpensive.With time, your business and the marketplace it operates within are bound to change, and the idea is for your business plan to reflect this.Revisit it annually and update it if there have been any changes to your company, technology, competition or the marketplace that impact your plan.Many see creating a business plan as a kind of compulsory exercise, often questioned by entrepreneurs who are already quite far through the planning stage.However, all business owners benefit from visualizing the important factors for planning, strategy, and finances in the form of a detailed plan.A business plan acts as a guide for this process as it gathers, organizes and summarizes all the key information about the business concept and future projects.When writing a business plan, you should be sure to include hard facts and important information, as well as financial projections and predictions of potential opportunities and obstacles down the road.You can also use our online template, which comes with lots of tips and guidance on what to cover.Building a business is not something that simply happens over night; behind the scenes, there’s always a considerable amount of planning required in advance.


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