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We have no ethical obligations to products of meaningless processes and random events.

We have no ethical obligations to products of meaningless processes and random events.

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It appears as though the parts that constitute the organism have been purposively arranged in a way that enables it to perform a given function.

The term “purposively” suggests intelligent conscious directedness.

The efforts of the so-called intelligent design community in USA over the last 10 to 15 years to rehabilitate the idea of intelligent design in nature have rightly been rejected by the academic world at large, because it is introduced as a scientific theory, which it is not.

But the idea is not religion either, because it does not presuppose any specific religious belief. It is the religious concept of creation that is based on the experience of design in nature, rather than this kind of experience is based on a religious belief in a Creator.

Any textbook of biology will show numerous analogies to artefacts.

Kant (1724-1804) pointed out in : “Biology is the study of complicated things that give the appearance of having been designed for a purpose.” (Dawkins 1986:6).

The idea is being identified with creationism and as such it is seen as a religious undermining of sound science; consequently it is almost impossible to be sympathetic to the idea of design in nature in the USA.

This is not the situation in Europe where creationism is insignificant.

We describe an organism as a whole, whose parts are organized in such a way as to enable the joint performance of a function no single component could accomplish in isolation, and that description corresponds exactly to the description of artefacts designed by human beings.

We see the complex systems of the organisms, and we get a clear impression of design and purpose.


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