Catholic Views On Birth Control Essay

The bird will infallibly use its wings to fly; the bee is certain to employ its marvelously constructed organs to gather pollen and to make honey.

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Since numerous points are involved in the question, my treatment must necessarily be summary; but I trust it will be found clear and consistent.

The discussion of this subject as I intend to present it will be fully appreciated only by those who admit that there is a Supreme Being, whom men are obliged to serve and to obey.

Human beings can discover these obligations by their own reasoning powers, although the Almighty has included many of them in His revelation, such as 'Thou shalt not kill.

-- Thou shalt not steal.' These obligations constitute the natural law of morality.

The most general norm of right and wrong established by this natural law is that a person's actions are morally good when they are in conformity with God's will, and they are.

morally bad when they are in opposition to God's will.

These truths and commandments constitute supernatural revelation.

However, we are now concerned, not with superadded obligations imposed by the Creator on mankind, but with obligations which are incumbent on man by the very fact that he is a rational creature, and which are within the scope of his own intelligence.

However, the necessary limitations of this article compel me to assume that my readers are sufficiently acquainted with at least one argument proving that there is a God whose laws are binding on all mankind.

In common with most Protestants and Jews, Catholics hold that the Almighty has made known to the human race through inspired prophets certain doctrines that transcend man's natural intellectual powers and certain precepts that exceed his natural duties.


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