Cattle Ranch Business Plan

What other personnel are involved in the business and who is responsible for managing them? Having a plan in place describing how they will grow in knowledge and ability and who will help them do it is a great motivator for any employee or family member involved in the farm or ranch.This can include a brief overview of succession plans, too, if you have those available. Financial The financial section of your business plan includes balance sheets, income statements, projected cash flows, loan schedules, depreciation schedules, and descriptions of contingency or financial risk management plans. It depends upon having good financial records and discipline in pulling them together into meaningful information on a regular basis.

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The introduction section should also provide an overview of the history of the operation and three to five goals you wish to accomplish in the next five years. This section should describe the land resources involved in the operation, including maps if you have them available.

If livestock and perennial pastures are involved in the operation, a grazing management plan would fit into this section.

If you are not marketing a commodity, it is important to identify what sets your products or services apart from your competitors and to clearly identify the size of the market you intend to be selling into.

Your banker will want to know that your sales forecasts are realistic and so should you. Human Resources Personnel management can sometimes be overlooked on a small farm or ranch operation.

When will you be selling the products and/or services? What are the tools available to help you get what you want out of these sales transactions and how do you intend to use those tools?

Marketing plans don’t have to be complicated to be effective, but there are a lot of things to consider that can be added to this section over time.

Farmers may want to describe their cropping rotations on various properties and why they use them.

Land monitoring practices and plans for mitigating soil erosion or noxious weeds are among the many important elements that can be added to this section over time.

Whereas other sections of your business plan may not need to be updated more than every few years, this section needs updating on a regular basis.

This section will be the section your lender will be most interested in seeing, but that doesn’t diminish the importance of the other five sections preceding it. Business plans need regular updating after they are developed and are never really done.


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