Communication In Health Care Setting Research Essay

Communication In Health Care Setting Research Essay-67
Social and community network which can be manipulated by the environment or individual behaviour.

Social and community network which can be manipulated by the environment or individual behaviour.

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Therefore, it proposes that on a single scenario only a few forms of personal communication can be applied.

Efficient and effective communications in the healthcare settings is pertinent to both professional and personal healthcare outputs.

Through proper communication Kim was able to express her desire and was treated with respect. Argue that effective communication is therefore more than delivering quality patient – centered care.

It is also the vehicle through which patients’ involvement is optimized.

This is so even as evidence continues to mount that a structured approach to communication measurably improves healthcare delivery.

What are the elements that contribute to healthcare team satisfaction: Feeling supported, e.g., administratively and inter-personally, respected, valued, understood, listened to, having a clear understanding of role, work equity and fair compensation.

It is very vital to establish the service user’s needs in order to achieve a good therapeutic relationship. The hierarchy of needs: physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, Esteem, self realization.

If the physiological needs (food, shelter, freedom from pain, survival) are met, move to the next stage safety needs (secure, protection, environment free from harm or hazard), next social needs (affectionate of others, friendship, family), also Esteem needs (Respect, self respect, dignity), and finally self realization need (freedom, self fulfillment), a service user may lack motivation if the basic needs are not met.

Wallston et al (1978) define the extent to which people they have control over their health, whilst Kim was with her previous children, she had the internal feeling of responsibility for own health, but because she is known to social services and aware of the consequences of her drinking she had the external feeling of powerless as health is the responsibility of powerful others.

Healthcare communication is defined as the dealing that creates a connection between numerous healthcare clients and teams regarding issues that are related to healthcare.


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