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It chronicles my journey from the idea to start a computer business, to piecing together the different aspects of the business, running it part time, and eventually quitting my job to run the business full time.

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If you decide to target the non-residential market, think small. These folks may lead you in to an area of specialization since the software systems tend to be similar."3.

Realize that financial stability doesn't happen overnight.

Plus, residential work is less demanding and the market is huge, although the competition is fierce--think Best Buy's "Geek Squad" and Circuit City's Firedog services, both of which make house calls to perform installations and upgrades and to troubleshoot.

Another downside to residential customers is that your clients will tend to be more budget-conscious than if you target the business owner. Perhaps you know the principal at a school, a banker or the owner of a real estate firm.

Read these posts, and then look in the mirror, to see if you have what it takes to be a successful computer business owner.

Are you the person everyone calls when they have a computer problem?And you can't rest on your past successes either.Whether you choose direct mail, pamphlet drops, telemarketing or web marketing, you need to come up with a marketing mix that works for you.Here are links to some of my best tips for how to start a computer repair business, based on my own experience.Do you have what it takes to start a computer business? It takes an entrepreneurial mind and people skills that many techs don’t have. That was the first search I did online early 2008 when I decided I wanted to look into starting my own computer business.I quickly found an overwhelming amount of information scattered across the web.Have you considered getting paid for fixing near-fatal errors and turning your PC prowess into a business?According a recent report, sales of computer services are expected to exceed billion this year in the U. alone, with PC repair leading the way., a franchise network of computer professionals.For instance, advertising in your local community coupon book may prove to be a waste of money, while networking at business trade organizations and chamber of commerce meetings may pay off big."I easily put in five to 10 hours a week of promotion," says Jason Kaufman, owner of Computer Troubleshooters of Mamaroneck, New York."This doesn't mean just sitting at a desk, punching out press releases.


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