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You might be able to get a space free from a shop owner if it increases traffic to their store.

You might be able to get a space free from a shop owner if it increases traffic to their store.

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You should charge at least $2 per cup or whatever the market will bear. Dress up nice, load all this stuff in the back of your minivan and drive around looking for a good spot to operate.

Find a parking lot on a busy corner that will let you use an electrical outlet and will give you some space to operate.

The nice thing about this concept is you can move around. Once you get to where you are selling 150 - 200 cups of coffee per day you’re in business.

You could sell up to 500 per day in a good location with this setup.

Internet café business owners can maximize their profits and continually attract customers by enacting several tips.

To maximize profits within an Internet café business, owners may want to add a surcharge to certain services.You will make decent gross revenues and your cost of sales will be 10% - 15%, so pretty good profit.At 200 cups per day, /cup, $.30 cost, you’ll net 0 per day. An Internet café business is a place where patrons are able to purchase coffee and other drinks while signing up for an allotted amount of time on a private computer.The size and scope of an Internet café can vary from several hundred computers for large businesses to a handful of computers and wireless Internet hotspots for smaller establishments.Jonathan Mc Lelland has been a professional writer since 2005.He has worked as a story writer and editor for the international sitcom, “Completing Kaden,” as well as a proposal writer for various production companies.To create a customer base offer membership discounts on services offered within the café.The type of discount should be determined by how the business sells login time.Some of the most popular items to be sold in Internet cafes include blank CD/DVDs, flash drives, headphones and other computer related products.Of course, most Internet café businesses also sell coffee, smoothies and other beverages; however, creating unique beverages and hiring one or two servers can help attract more customers.


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