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Trouvez ensuite votre problématique en fonction de tous les éléments auxquels vous aurez pensé, puis rédigez un plan détaillé qui servira de trame à votre dissertation.

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You will come back to this again in your conclusion.

Exclusions You are almost done with your Introduction now, but can add Exclusions here.

You will probably have to write quite a few drafts before you get it right, so you shouldn’t get down-hearted-everyone has problems with an abstract.

Background to the Research Your introduction should begin with the background to your research, and this is especially necessary if your work covers more than one field, as you have to satisfy the marker that you have understood the concepts of both, and you need to explain some of the concepts for the marker or examiner whose specialty is only in one of the fields you have covered.

Explain your Title Next you may feel the need to explain the title, most of these have two parts, divided by a colon.

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You may need to explain the phrase after the colon.

In an abstract you have to outline what your research is about in essence.

This will take some time although it is short, as you will need to get all the important features of your work into it.

You can leave this part until the end if that is how you would prefer to work, although it is a good idea to have mapped out the sections clearly and agreed these with your tutor before you start writing.

Finally you have completed your introduction- a very good start to the dissertation!


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