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This all is again a part of corrupt politics that a candidate plays with the voters to earn their faith and hence votes.Effect of corrupt society on the societal development of the country Corrupt society and group of corrupt officials are just like termites that start affecting society from the roots.

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Corruption: A Very Short Introduction notes that corruption is as old as humanity itself, and then considers why the international community has only highlighted it as a problem in the past two decades.

It explores the phenomenon from several different perspectives, from the cultural differences affecting how corruption is defined, its impact, its various causes, and the possible remedies.

Are you aware of the fact that corruption can result in the downfall of a nation?

It is time to realize the impact this practice has on a society.

We have come to terms with the practice of corruption and are ready to give bribes to get our works done.

This has encouraged the corrupted officials to demand more and more bribes in return for their services.

Corruption is a kind of cancer that starts growing and continues to threaten people and the society in one or the other way. Let us focus on some of the key areas where corrupt societies affect the most: Effect of corrupt society on the Economy of the country Corrupt society impacts economy of the country in a very serious way.

If a country is very strong economy-wise, and corruption starts affecting it, then it is difficult for that country to sustain the economy at the same level of success.

People in almost all the sectors of the economy are corrupted today.

One of the major reasons for corruption is our negligence towards this social issue.


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