Creative Writing Poetry Ideas

In honor of the occasion, I’ve put together some poetry writing prompts for kids.

The next page offers a magic box which generates random titles and topic ideas for stories.

Random Word Generator: You are given a random name.

Your poem must be tiny too, containing only five lines. It can be a pop song, silly song, camp song, or even a nursery rhyme. Alliteration happens when words that appear close together in a line or verse share the same beginning sound (usually a consonant.

Next, rewrite the words to create a new rhyming song! Include objects, places, or feelings that remind you of that color.

You can type in a word type (noun, adjective, verb etc.) along with it’s complexity level (common, average, obscure etc.) and the word generator generates words for you on the basis of your selection.

Word Perhect: The site provides a randomly generates quiz which takes you to a mash up of options for getting some nice weird ideas.Below the activities list are links to related resources. Write a poem about an activity you do every day, trying to capture the details so that a reader will really feel "there" with you.We encourage you to send us your thoughts and feedback about these suggestions by visiting our feedback page. Listen to a poet reading his or her own poetry, such as Billy Collins.Prompts exist in various forms such as a short phrases, a singular word from the dictionary, a vision, a picture, any object or people around you, a memory from the past, an abstract concept or any idea from an incident or story etc.Below are some examples of few writing prompts which you would find helpful when cranking up essays, poems, short stories and articles: Teacher’s Scholastic: The interface provides you the options to pre-select a level for your story.(Note: This post contains affiliate links.) Write a spine poem using the books on your shelves. This is a good easy poem writing idea for younger kids. (via The Write Shop) Some poetry writing ideas can be more challenging than others, but don’t shy away. Acrostics are often the first poems kids learn how to write in school.You’ll be surprised how your kids rise to the occasion. (This post also teaches about similes) Write a limerick to make everyone laugh!Isnoop Net Fridge: A mash up of words which you can move around to form, get and build ideas for your stories and poems.The tools is very effective if you are short on inspiration and creative writing ideas.Have you ever been in a situation where you are sitting in your room or some other calm and serene place with a pen and a paper in your hand, your fingers itching to create something out of words but every time your pen is close to touching the paper, there you are—blank—not knowing what to write?This is what they call ‘getting stuck in the "writer’s block". This is a ‘disease’ common with all the writers and can be cured by creative writing exercises and you could make use of another simple technique called ‘creative writing prompts’.


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