Creative Writing Vocabulary

A | C | D | E | F | H | I | L | M | N | O | P | R | S | T | U | W Allegory: a narrative technique in which characters represent things or abstract concepts to convey a message or to teach a lesson.

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The dénouement reveals the answers to secrets/misunderstandings in the plot and comes after the climax.

Dialogue: a written composition in which two or more characters are represented as conversing; the conversations between characters in a literary work, typically enclosed within quotation marks.

Antagonist: the main character in a work of fiction who comes into conflict with the protagonist (hero or heroine).

Note that the antagonist does not always have to be a character; it could be a thing or a situation (a monster, a storm, a flood, etc.).

Example: romantic conventions (characteristics of romantic literature) include the following: – Imagination and emotion – A reliance on intuition – An emphasis on nature and primitivism – An idealization of life – An emphasis on sadness, melancholy, psychology, and introspection Go back to top.

Denotation: the precise/actual meaning of a word outside of the feelings it evokes; the dictionary meaning of a word or phrase.

Fable: a narration intended to enforce a useful truth.

Fables frequently involve animals that speak and act like human beings. Falling Action: the action in a story that occurs after the climax, thus moving it toward its resolution.

Common ways for writers to illustrate characters is through their speech, dress, actions, and mannerisms.

Climax: the moment of greatest intensity in a work of fiction; the most exciting and important part of a story, usually occurring at or near the end. Example: The climax of Shakespeare's occurs when Romeo, seeing Juliet's body and thinking she is dead, kills himself; then, when Juliet wakes up and sees that Romeo is dead, she kills herself.


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