Crucible Thesis Essay

The Crucible by Arthur Miller is based upon the events in history known as the Salem Witch Trials.

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Since the government has pronounced it legal, does it mean it is no longer immoral?

The answer is no; a governing body does not have the right to dictate morality.

Everyone s stomach lurches as they hear the sickening thumps of good and honorable people being pushed off the hanging platform.

They re being hung for crimes not committed, and after so many deaths of people they had known their whole lives, many are questioning whether it is actually those being hung that are infected with the devil, or whether it is the ones condemning them to their deaths that are sick.

It is a decision we make for ourselves which is shown in Arthur Miller s The Crucible. It does not matter whether it is the president of the United States or a garbage truck driver; everyone has exhibited a form of hypocrisy. Alfred Alder explains a reason, It is better to fight for one s principles than to live up to them (Cosner). Hypocrisy is a natural human flaw because people are willing to say they believe in a principle rather than to live it.

The idea of one being more comfortable with fighting for one s principles than to actually live up to them is thematic in many movies, T. This is best shown in Arthur Miller s play The Crucible. Freud, who was a well-respected psychologist in the 1900s, believed that people had two natural tendencies: sex and survival. I have been thinking I would confess to them Elizabeth (Miller 135). For them that quail to bring men out of ignorance, as I have quailed, and as you quail now when you know in all your black hearts that this be fraud God damns our kind especially, and we will burn, we will burn together (Miller 52).The character John Proctor is judged and tested for the great mistake he has committed in his life.Although he has made many mistakes during his time in the story, he is still a man of integrity.Integrity is adherence to moral and ethical principals; soundness of moral character; honesty.John Proctor demonstrates them when he admits to adultery, when he will not sign his name to lies, and when he says he cannot judge another by their sins.Eventually the hanging stopped, but not before many innocent people died because they would not lie to live. This just goes to show that any and all governing bodies have absolutely no right to dictate morality.Ralph Waldo Emerson said, Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind (Leatehwizard).If you have any questions please feel free to stay after class or come in during lunch to ask me! As the play begins, why has Reverend Parris sent for a doctor? " Introduction: Good afternoon everyone, my name is.Today I am here using this sketch board to share with you a great message.Why are the sexual relations negated by the society?In what way the suppression of the sexuality result in the tragic end of the novel?


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