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The student’s dissertation is expected to make a significant contribution to the understanding of a business phenomenon.Each student will prepare a written proposal for the dissertation, drawing significantly on the work they have done in their four research projects (R1 through R4).

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The committee is appointed by the university President and consists of the Chief Academic Officer, the Director of Graduate Programs, at least two senior faculty members, and one member from another academic institution.

By a request of the dissertation candidate the committee can be extended by an additional member by his/her choice in the field of the research and/or related to the content field. A dissertation proposal must be submitted to the doctoral committee, which will ascertain that the subject of the dissertation is business related, of doctoral quality, and that completion of the dissertation is feasible.

When all members of the Doctoral Committee have approved the proposal, the proposal represents an agreement between the student and the committee that the theoretical and methodological approaches being taken are considered acceptable if the work is conducted appropriately and within the established timeline.

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The successful final defense of their dissertation will satisfy the Dissertation Research requirement in the spring of the third year.

The research projects are structured as independent study courses.The Chairperson can allow open discussion after questions but all potential speakers should inform him/her before the discussion starts.Second component is open only to members of the committee and the dissertation advisor/s.As a final requirement for program completion, all Executive DBA students develop a dissertation proposal to investigate an important business problem that is of strategic importance to their own organization, industry or market.Students should apply the relevant domain-specific and interdisciplinary knowledge to inform their research and select appropriate research methods for their study, including data collection and analysis.It is expected that research at the doctoral level will make a material contribution to knowledge in the student's discipline and that it will demonstrate the student's ability to develop and carry out independent research.The doctoral committee administers the dissertation preparation and defense.The candidate may be questioned on the subject of the dissertation and additional topics related to the field of study or candidate's ability to organize and conduct research.The committee members may ask questions directly and the audience should first ask permission to do so from the Chairperson who can stop or interrupt questions if they are irrelevant or take too much time.The committee may request additional independent anonymous review, and/or some work corrections before the passing the dissertation to the defense status.The Registrar must be notified 14 days in advance of the defense by the committee chair.


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