Define Critical Thinking In Psychology

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One set of techniques tended to be more linear and serial, more structured, more rational and analytical, and more goal-oriented; these techniques are often taught as part of critical thinking exercises.

The second set of techniques tended to be more holistic and parallel, more emotional and intuitive, more creative, more visual, and more tactual/kinesthetic; these techniques are more often taught as part of creative thinking exercises.

This distinction also corresponds to what is sometimes referred to as left brain thinking (analytic, serial, logical, objective) as compared to right brain thinking (global, parallel, emotional, subjective) (Springer & Deutsch, 1993).

One problem with the definitions provided above (which is common to most definitions from philosophers such as Paul and Scriven), is that of labeling "good" thinking as critical thinking.

Contributors from the area of behavioral psychology help to establish the operational definitions associated with critical thinking.

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They work to define the subtasks associated with final outcomes and the methodologies teachers can use to shape initial behaviors towards the final outcomes.

Designed to be used as an independent study by employees, it can also be incorporated into existing training programs.

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Research over the past 40 years has generally confirmed that the first four levels are indeed a true hierarchy.

That is, knowing at the knowledge level is easier than, and subsumed under, the level of comprehension and so forth up to the level of analysis.


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