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Tactical plans are concerned with the responsibility and functionality of lower-level departments to fulfill their parts of the strategic plan.

Operational planning activities for Frank would include things like scheduling employees each week; assessing, ordering and stocking inventory; creating a monthly budget; developing a promotional advertisement for the quarter to increase the sales of a certain product (such as the Hawaiian pizza) or outlining an employee's performance goals for the year.

Operational plans can be either single-use or ongoing plans.

Now that you have a general idea for how organizational planning evolves, let's look at the next level of planning, known as tactical planning.

Tactical plans support strategic plans by translating them into specific plans relevant to a distinct area of the organization.

Then, in true planning fashion, there are also plans to backup plans that fail. To better understand how each type of plan is used by managers, let's take a look at an example from Nino's Pizzeria and how Tommy, Martha and Frank carry out their planning responsibilities.

To best understand the relationship between the different types of plans, let's start at the top.

Single-use plans are those plans that are intended to be used only once.

They include activities that would not be repeated and often have an expiration.

Operational plans sit at the bottom of the totem pole; they are the plans that are made by frontline, or low-level, managers.

All operational plans are focused on the specific procedures and processes that occur within the lowest levels of the organization.


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