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Online Banking in Australia requires digital identification.As in other jurisdictions, access to bank accounts statements and making payments are the primary services available. The aim of the Australian Digital Thesis program is to establish a distributed database of digital versions of theses produced by the postgraduate research students at Australian universities.

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The study shines a spotlight on Australians’ digital consumption and behaviours, as well as their attitudes and experiences in the digital age.

This latest report is the first stop for informing and optimising your digital strategy now and in the future.

In addition to these, it is possible to access documents (almost exclusively bills) from other corporations online using BPAY View. For some transactions multi-factor authentication is required.

Normally this is a password in combination with a code sent via SMS or in some cases, especially for business customers, a bank-issued security token.

Most online banking services, especially if accessing an account requires the holder to complete stringent identity requirements sometimes in a bank branch. The four major online banking sites in Australia are: Some States and territories of Australia offer access points to Government services in those states, and require a digital identity to access these services.

Service NSW is an example - an account can be created without any verifiable identity, however as services (such as Roads and Maritime Services) are added, private details need to be accessible, increasing the validity of the identity.

The advantage of this mechanism is: For this reason the mobile phone is often used as a primary or second-factor validation of identity on Australian digital services.

my Gov is a service provided by the Government of Australia that provides a strong level of validation of digital identity.

There is no card or official identity document in popular use that shows this number and strict rules on its use means that it is not required to be provided, and there is no practical way a non government entity to verify the holder against the number.

It is therefore not an effective widespread digital identity (unlike the US Social Security number).


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