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Publishing a research paper is challenging but not uncommon in the MBP.

Chances for publishing a paper and the timing of the publication will depend on the maturity of the chosen project and its scope.

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The MBP Research Preceptor talks about bringing biology and engineering into the biotechnology industry.

Choosing a thesis or training lab and a mentor may be the toughest problem that you will ever face, but it is an important one, and you will want to get it right the first time.We provide dissertation assignment help in various subjects such as law dissertation help, History Dissertation Help, biology dissertation help, HRM dissertation help, etc.The unique Biology-Biotechnology Research Thesis Track course at Adelphi University provides a solid foundation in the sciences with training in business to give students the expertise to succeed in both scientific and business environments, including universities, hospitals and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.The final report is modeled after a research article and rivals theses required by other MS in biotechnology programs.Additionally, students practice communication skills in the Critical Thinking and Scientific Communication course (MBIOTECH 420, winter quarter) and prepare a research poster and a presentation, which they deliver during the annual Industrial Advisory Board Meeting in June.Meet our research faculty Because of the limited duration of the MBP, we do not offer a research lab rotation; students must commit to a single lab.Due to the somewhat competitive nature of research project selection, we cannot guarantee that everyone will get their top choice.A good place to start your search for the ideal lab is to consider what the goals and purpose of doing a thesis or training .Project / Dissertation work is not only the essential part of a degree program but also a gateway for better career opportunities.However, in our experience almost everyone gets one of his or her top three choices of research preceptors.The MBP research includes three quarterly progress reports and a final report in lieu of a formal thesis.


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