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Plagiarism, fabrication, falsification, and other forms of research misconduct will be investigated by the Standing Committee on Research Misconduct.For further information, please see information posted by the Office of Research Integrity at This site contains information on converting word documents to pdf documents, and has a helpful section of frequently asked questions.

Additional citations are included directing readers to resources embellishing the 100 Ph D rules of the game. (2019), "100 Ph D rules of the game to successfully complete a doctoral dissertation", Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, Vol.

This document provides the campus-wide specifications for theses and dissertations presented for graduate degrees at the Graduate School of the University of Colorado at Boulder.

If you have performed research involving human subjects, your IRB protocol number must appear on the signature page.

If you have used live animals, animal tissue, or observational animal work, your IACUC protocol number must appear on the signature page if you were required to obtain one.

Student services staff in the Graduate School are available to answer format questions, and the Graduate School strongly recommends that students e-mail a copy of the document for pre-check of the format to [email protected] submitting it electronically.

We recommend that students consult a style guide or standard handbook for more detailed specifications.To determine the deadline for the semester in which you plan to graduate, please see the graduate school calendar on our homepage at School/, or a list of deadlines at School/academics/, selecting “Graduation Requirements,” clicking on the appropriate degree, and selecting “deadline sheet.” For more information, contact your academic department or the Graduate School.At the time of submission, you will need to make publishing selections both for Pro Quest and for the University of Colorado Boulder Libraries.Students must be free to pursue knowledge in an open environment.Any petition for student involvement in research projects that imposes either explicit or potential restrictions that could affect students’ academic research and publications must be vetted by the Standing Committee on Restricted, Proprietary, and Classified Research and approved by Chancellor or Chancellor’s designee.The author has assembled 100 Ph D rules of the game from the author’s work over many years with masters and doctoral students. https://doi.org/10.1108/AAAJ-01-2019-030 Download as . Each rule is accompanied by some further short guidance. In addition to the complete copy submitted electronically, a hard copy of the signature page with original or electronically obtained signatures must be submitted to the Graduate School.This signature page is created as the second page of the document, and the hard copy must contain the signatures of at least two committee members, the chair of the committee and one other member.When submitting your thesis, you will have the option to include your work in this open access repository. Items 1-8 in list are numbered with lower case Roman numerals. Numbers should then continue straight through to end of thesis, including appendix if applicable. Pages generally are numbered in the upper right hand corner; usual placement is at least 3/4 inch from the top and 1 inch from the right edge.If you agree to inclusion, your thesis will be publicly available via the CU Scholar website ( as soon as possible or at the end of the specified embargo period (if applicable.) Please contact [email protected] any questions. Centered numbers at the top or bottom of the page are also acceptable.


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