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Kurwadkar Seismic site response of deep soil and embankments in the New Madrid Seismic Zone, Wanxing Liu Application of displacement-based design method to blast-resistant reinforced concrete structures, Binggeng Lu Steel-free hybrid reinforcement system for reinforced concrete flexural members, Huanzi Wang Evaluation of the effects of various environmental conditions on reinforced concrete columns wrapped with FRP sheets, Sang-Wook Bae Assessment and improvement of capacity of concrete members: a case for in-situ load testing and composite materials, Paolo Casadei Durability performance of advanced construction materials, Mahmut Ekenel Shear strengthening of unreinforced masonry (URM) walls with FRP composites, Tong Li Fate and transport of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in phytoremediation systems, Xingmao Ma Intelligent hybrid damper-actuator bracing control (HDABC) with deterministic and nondeterministic seismic input, soil-structure interaction, and tectonic movements, Xiaozhe Zhang Simulation of soil-pile-superstructure interaction in the New Madrid Seismic Zone, Wei Zheng Semi-active control of elastic and inelastic building structures with piezoelectric friction dampers, Chaoqiang Chen Modeling and operation of single and multiple tube membrane bioreactors, Ellen England Characterization and modeling of paleoliquefaction features in Missouri, Houda Jadi PDF Rehabilitation of steel bridge members with FRP composite materials, Xiangdong Liu Development and validation of coaxial cable sensors for damage detection of reinforced concrete structures, Huimin Mu Mechanisms of lead and zinc removal from lead mine drainage in constructed wetland, Ying Song Simultaneous nitrification and denitrification in activated sludge floc, Holley Kaempfer Steller Comparison of treatment technologies on a pilot scale for the removal of fuel oxygenates from natural groundwater, Justin M.

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Sevi PDF Innovative solutions in bridge construction, rehabilitation, and structural health monitoring, Fabio Matta PDF Experimental and analytical evaluation of FRP-confined large size reinforced concrete columns, Silvia Rocca PDF Field and laboratory investigation of ozone-indoor surface reactions: secondary emissions inventory and implications for indoor air quality, Hong Wang PDF The leaching behavior of arsenic, selenium and other trace elements in coal fly ash, Tian Wang Structural condition assessment of the Bill Emerson Memorial Cable-Stayed Bridge using neural networks, Wenjian Wang Development and assessment of transparent soil and particle image velocimetry in dynamic soil-structure interaction, Honghua Zhao The use of root-colonizing recombinant bacteria to enhance rhizosphere degradation of polychlorinated biphenyls, Amanda W.

Gilbertson PDF Behavior of reinforced concrete girders under cyclic torsion and torsion combined with shear: experimental investigation and analytical models, Gary Gordon Greene Jr.

students have completed a master degree with 27 units of course work, and take 33 additional units of course work in order to satisfy the 60 unit requirement.

Transportation engineering focuses on the design of facilities that enable the mobility of travelers.

These include designing highways, traffic signals and pavements.

Transportation engineers consider factors such as pedestrian and traffic safety, evacuations, pavement management and intelligent transportation systems.

The graduate program in Civil Engineering offers programs of study in Geotechnical Engineering, Hydrosystems Engineering, Structural Engineering, and Water Resources Engineering.

'17, "The Material Properties and Construction Methods of Thin Shell Ice Structures" Mena George Youssef '16, "Mobile Buildings: Escape from Disaster" Victoria Ce Sassoon '16, "A Structural Analysis of Leonardo Da Vinci's Design for a Masonry Arch Bridge over the Golden Horn" Ejeong Baik '16, " Assessment of Enhanced Gas Recovery from CO2 Injection into Shale Gas Wells" Elliot Chang '16, "Improved Removal of VOCs for Laser-Based Spectroscopy of Environmental Waters" Lu Lu '16, "Parametric Structural Analysis of a Hyperbolic Paraboloid Bamboo Grid Shell Roof" Jamie Rose Simpson '16, "Conceptual Design of a Pedestrian Bridge Crossing Princeton's Lake Carnegie" Pelin Asa '16, "An Evaluation of Durability and Temporality of Rammed Earth Construction" Taylor Marie Morgan '16, "Understanding the Water-Energy Nexus: A Princeton University Case Study" A Structural Analysis of Bridge Abutments Considering Scour and Climate Change" Denisa Ana-Maria Buzatu '15, "Design and Analysis of a Deployable Programmable Origami Structure" Eric Gregory Shullman '15, "E Shue-Ting Ellen Tung '14, "Sensing Sheet: The Response of Full-Bridge Unit Sensors to Thermal Variations and the Development of a Prototype" Erman I.

They are suggested for Ph D students in Civil and Environmental Engineering who would like to develop mathematical skills in preparation if their doctoral dissertation.

The math courses listed below are offered by the Mathematics Department of the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences.


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