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2018-11 — Rural Labor Market Responses to Large Lumpy Cash Transfers: Evidence from Malawi. 2018-10 — How do Structural Features Affect Corporate Exposures to Macro-financial Shocks in Open Economies? 2018-07 — A Policy of Credit Disruption: The Punjab Land Alienation Act of 1900. Patricia Beeson, Lara Shore-Sheppard, and Christopher Briem 2000-03 — Fully Modified OLS for Heterogeneous Cointegrated Panels. 2018-06 — Dynamic Consequences of Monetary Policy for Financial Stability. Jon Bakija 2000-04 — The Effect of Local Fiscal Policies on Urban Wage Structure.

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The views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official views of the CNB.

2019-11 — Discretionary Exemptions from Environmental Regulation: Flexibility for Good or for Ill.

Gregory Casey, Soheil Shayegh, Juan Moreno-Cruz, Martin Bunzl, Oded Galor, and Ken Caldeira.

2019-07 — Debt Collateralization, Capital Structure, and Maximal Leverage. 2019-06 — Macroeconomic Research, Present and Past. 2019-05 — Heat Stress: Ambient Temperature and Workplace Accidents in the US. 2019-04 — The Impact of Climate Change on Fertility.

2018-04 — Outside the Box: Unconventional Monetary Policy in the Great Recession and Beyond. Alex Albright, Peter Pedroni, and Stephen Sheppard. John Ham and Lara Shore-Sheppard 2001-01 — Purchasing Power Parity Tests in Cointegrated Panels. Anand Swamy, Stephen Knack, Young Lee, and Omar Azfar 2000-09 — Community Based Targeting for Social Safety Nets.

2018-03 — Uncorking Expert Reviews with Social Media: A Case Study Served with Wine. Paul Cheshire and Stephen Sheppard 2001-02 — The Impact of Public Health Insurance on Labor Market Transitions. Jon Bakija 2000-05 — The Effect of Taxes on Portfolio Choice: Evidence From Panel Data Spanning The Tax Reform Act of 1986. Peter Pedroni 2000-11 — Taxation by Auction: Fund-Raising by 19th Century Indian Guilds. Jonathan Conning 2000-07 — Monitoring by Peers or by Delegates? Jonathan Conning 2000-06 — Distinguishing Transitory and Permanent Price Elasticities of Charitable Giving with Pre-Announced Changes in Tax Law.The Series aims to present original research contributions relevant to central banks. The referee process is managed by the CNB Economic Research Department.The working papers are circulated to stimulate discussion.Journalists obtain free access to all our Discussion Papers and to receive weekly summaries of new Papers. Use of CEPR Discussion Papers is subject to terms and conditions, which are available here.The Working Paper Series of the Czech National Bank (CNB) is intended to disseminate the results of the CNB´s research projects as well as the other research activities of both the staff of the CNB and collaborating outside contributors.If a paper is unavailable online, hard copies can be requested free of charge.Research by CEPR Research Fellows and Affiliates appears initially in the CEPR Discussion Paper series.You can subscribe to all CEPR Discussion Papers, or to the papers in one or more of our Programme Areas. Subscribers have online access to all CEPR Discussion Papers published since the series' inception in 1984 – an archive of more than 10,000 papers.You can find out more about online access here and here.


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