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Educational Administration Thesis-84
Each state established academic content and performance standards, implemented test for all the students in grades 3 through 8 annually, and set up annual measurable objectives in reading and mathematics for districts, schools, and designated student subgroups within schools.The combination of states' accountability policies, such as performance standards, high school graduation exit exams, and the difference of between starting points and intermediate goals, may lead to the varying strength of the accountability systems in different states.This study sought to explore the implications of the 2003 FPE policy for girls' educational opportunities in Kenya.

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Such factors include women's lack of preparation for school leadership, discriminative hiring procedures, hostile work environments, and familial demands on women's time.

Studies of this nature tend to shed little light on the personal or internal factors that hinder or enhance women's attainment of school leadership.

AMO strength was negatively related to principals' influence on instruction, and the high school graduation exit exams negatively affected principals' support of professional days before and during the school year.

However, other states' accountability policies, the proficiency performance standards may not have any relationship with principals' influence on instruction and their facilitating teacher learning.

Data for this study were collected for a period of two months using face-to-face open-ended interviews.

The respondents included two school principals (both males), two teachers (both females) and eight female students in two focus groups. The findings indicate that because of the government removal of tuition fee and the provision of textbooks and writing materials, the 2003 Free Primary Education policy has improved the opportunities of girls' educational participation.

By internal factors I mean variables such as self-image and attitude towards leadership.

My study focuses on the interaction between personal and institutional factors in shaping the experiences of women school leaders in Kenya.

Although several studies focused on whether these differences are related to students' achievement and teachers' instruction, little is known about how principals respond to accountability systems, although principals make a big difference in teachers' instruction and students' academic outcomes.

Therefore, it may be necessary to find the relationship between the strength of the states' accountability policies and principals' responses and the relationship between the strength of the states' accountability systems and teachers' responses.


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