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Sources from scholarly publishers have been utilized and works of reputed experts in the field have been referenced.

1036) Now when the subject of organizational, or more precisely, corporate culture is included in discussing the issue of employee retention, multidimensional analysis becomes imperative.

This essay is a literature research based analysis of the issue of employee retention in the global work environment.

It is only when HR professional understand the intrinsic motivators of the employees that they can effectively manage employee retention.

There are various challenges or issues that HR managers face with respect to employee retention and following are few important ones: Employees leave managers not companies Theoretically, numerous reasons can be pointed out for employees quitting the company.

Although these strategies are still effective in terms of motivating employees to stay with Sanofi, its human resource manager should acknowledge the growing importance of work flexibility arrangements and the provision of challenging tasks. The success story of Solution's, a social care agency that demonstrated winning strategies for enhancing the retention rate, is also discussed to illustrate the points.

Why Retain People constitute the most valuable resource for any organisation that intends to emerge as a winner in the highly competitive marketplace.

“It is a widely accepted premise that retention and productivity of workers is a function of how well the individual is motivated” (Lord, 2002, p.3).

Motivation theories such as Hierarchy of Needs Theory, Hygiene Theory, Expectancy Theory, Equity Theory, Reinforcement Theory, and Achievement Motivation Theory stress the importance of motivation in employee......?

These serve as an important driving force for an employee to keep a job (Boles et al., 1995).

A study conducted in the lodging business shows that among the top factors affecting retention are personal satisfaction and the environmental conditions, displacing monetary rewards to a lower rank (Milman and Ricci, 2004).


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