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While Representatives almost always reside in the district from which they are elected, as candidates are selected locally and local politics looms large in Congressional elections, this is not a constitutional or legal requirement, and on the few occasions when it has become an issue (often because district lines have been redrawn, excluding a sitting Representative from his or her district), the candidate may be denounced by rivals as a carpetbagger.

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Kennedy did successfully in New York in 1964 to become a U. Senator, and as Hillary Rodham Clinton hopes to do now.

James Buckley of Connecticut won the assassinated Kennedy? When defeated in 1976 by Daniel Patrick Moynihan, another carpetbagger from Connecticut, Buckley returned to Connecticut, where he ran for the Senate in 1980, only to be accused of being a carpetbagger there.

William Dunlap is entirely correct, save for one detail.

Residency requirements in US senate elections vary from state to state, with New York having arguably the least stringent laws.

They went to seek political office (from which most southerners had been barred) or otherwise take advantage of the political and economic turmoil during Reconstruction, the military occupation of the former Confederacy.

The term refers today to politicians who move to another state with the intention of seeking political office there, as Robert F.

Federal troops occupied much of the South during the Reconstruction to insure that laws were followed and that another uprising did not occur.

To Punish the South or Not Many people wanted the South to be punished for trying to leave the Union.

Many of the "carpetbaggers" were teachers and missionaries who went south to help educate freed slaves and poor whites. Accounts of their stories can be found in Dorothy Sterling's "The Trouble They Seen". Came into use in the South, so stands to reason that the Southern definition would be the correct one.

During the elections many were terrorised by Southerners who wanted to restore some form of the old order, and who, after burning schools and churches and hanging teachers, were successful. M.- I'm sure you mean well, but how would you know? While some well-meaning individuals may have been incorrectly labeled as "carpetbaggers," the overwhelming majority of that category were, in fact, northern transplants looking to profit from the desperate post-war conditions in Southern states, including taking possession of properties and businesses which had been seized or "appropriated" by the Union during the war.


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