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Children before then didn’t have toys or gadgets, so would play with whatever they... The length of time depends on the persons and his state, sometimes one like to pray more.

Islam considers many activities in life as worship such as cleaning your house, working.

Willy's fantasies are crucial to the development and structure of the play.

This essay will outline the importance of dreams within watch and games that they play.

Since many of these games include blowing other people a part and shooting people up, children might get the wrong message and believe those actions are acceptable and imitate them in real life Melinda’s freshman year at Merrywhether High, she learns the importance of second chances through sports.

In PE, the two sports that help Melinda cope with her trauma are basketball and tennis.

Also to maybe include recommendation of what video games are not recommended for students according to their age.

Violent video games may be a negative influence in a child life.

“To derive full benefit, (adults need to provide the time, the resources and sometimes the ideas to start the children off or help them continue play).

In this way their learning can be extended in a myriad of ways and all through play”, Macintyre, (20).


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