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The configuration below represents basic discourse structures.This configuration illustrates three different discourse structures---ASL discourse, spoken English discourse, and written English discourse (see Christie et al., 1999).Scientists have found a real life petri dish of seawater conditions similar to what scientists predict the ocean to be like by the year 2050.(The Ocean’s Death March) The location is Castello Aragonese, a tiny island found in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

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The ocean is the largest ecosystem on the planet, it covers 70% of the Earth’s surface and accounts for approximately 91% of all water found on the planet.

Because of it’s large and staggering appearance, it is frequently misinterpreted to be a stable and resilient environment unaffected by humans. The ocean is not only dynamic and sensitive, but it is also severely impacted by our lifestyle choices.

In June, at low tide, you could walk down there and the sandbar would be teeming with horseshoe crabs, heavily armored and prehistoric-looking.

If you looked closely, you could see air bubbles rising up from small holes in the shallow pools, a telltale sign of a hermit crab.

The first structure in the configuration shows that a person giving a presentation in ASL directly states the point or topic of the presentation at the beginning.

This point is fleshed out, explained, and repeated in closing the presentation.Ocean acidification, which refers to the reduction of p H levels in the ocean is caused by an uptake of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.(NOAA) Ocean acidification alters the ocean’s chemical makeup creating a slightly more acidic p H level; this process has very severe consequences for not only ocean Mankind’s reliance on fossil fuels as a primary source of energy is swiftly changing almost all of the Earth’s natural environments and processes.It is causing fluctuations in both atmospheric temperatures and in the ocean’s chemical makeup.The effects of such high concentrations of CO2 are noticeable throughout the islands immediate surroundings.The ocean surrounding this area is essentially dead except for some seagrass and jellyfish, which have shown to have very few adverse effects when exposed to high concentrations of carbon.One would run into the next, white stone into orange brick into gray rock.I would walk along them until I reached the broken sea wall. I loved walking to the sandbar and seeing all the life. Sometimes, though, I'd stay too long and get caught on one side of the sea wall by the tide. Getting home became an adventure, but I somehow always made it safely.If you were to walk the other way down the beach, towards the point, the sea walls were lower, but they ran along for ages.The ocean satiates my senses and rejuvenates my spirit.It awakens me from my trance, imposed upon me by the insensibility of the world.


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