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Such engagements lead not only to social affiliations and the social and emotional support they provide, but also to greater involvement in learning activities and the learning they produce. As with assessment and feedback, involvement is particularly important early in the semester, as it helps to establish a pattern of student behaviors that further enhances student effort throughout the semester.

Generally speaking, they can be described by the terms expectations, support, assessment and feedback, and involvement.

Unlike the attributes of students, these are within the grasp of institutions to modify if they are serious about enhancing student success.

Perhaps the most common is that where study groups are directly connected to a specific course, as they are in supplemental instruction.

In this case, leaders of the study groups work closely with the course instructor to ensure that the work of the group is closely aligned to the demands of the course.

Classroom assessment of student performance is particular effective when it is early and is used to trigger to provision of academic support to those whose performance indicates the need for support.

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This is especially true during the first year when students are trying to adjust their behaviors to the new academic and social demands of college life.

For them, if not for most students, the classroom is one, and perhaps the only, place where they meet with faculty and other students and engage in learning activities.

Their success in college is built upon classroom success, one class and one course at a time.

The result is that courses to which such groups are linked typically have higher average grades, if only because there are many fewer low grades.

For some students who are just below college-level work, accelerated learning programs that link a college-level course to a study or basic skills course yield similar results.


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