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The psychologist who examines him says, "The years in spent isolation have not equipped him with the tools necessary to judge right from wrong. He's been complete without guidance." His disability to judge good and evil explains why he breaks into the office of Jim's parents without any feeling of remorse. Reading the Fantastic Imagination: The Avatars of a Literary Genre, 156. Furthermore, is only worried about the feelings of his friends (Peng, 2013). He says, "I'm sorry" when he makes a mistake and says, "Thank you" when the neighbors bring him food and drinks (Scissorhands, 1990).

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Successful satire has to have a place to stand, and a target to aim at.

The entire world of "Edward Scissorhands" is satire, and so Edward inhabits it, rather than taking aim at it.

Edward has a charming personality, and when Peg finds him alone at his master's mansion, she takes him with her to her community.

Peg’s neighbors are marveled by Edward’s charm since they thought he cannot lead a normal life because of his looks.

Circumstances change him from a loving guy to a sorry killer.

The director Tim Burton wages a valiant battle to show us new and wonderful things.In a Hollywood that placidly recycles the same old images, Burton uses special effects and visual tricks to create sights that have never been seen before. The disappointment is that Burton has not yet found the storytelling and character-building strength to go along with his pictorial flair.That was true even of his "Batman," which was 1989's box office champion, but could have been a better film, I believe, if there had been anyone in it to inspire our emotional commitment. Unlike Richard Donner's original "Superman," which actually had a heart beneath its special effects, Burton's "Batman" occupied a terrain in which every character was a grotesque of one sort of another, and all of their actions were inspired by shallow melodramatic motivations.When Kim asks why he did the job, he says, "because you asked me." He loves Kim, and he sees nothing wrong with doing whatever she asks him to do (Peng, 2013). If given another chance, he could do it again to please his love. Analysis on Motif and Script Skills of Corpse Bride. He has a pale skin and a scar on his face which he got from slashing himself with his hands.Peg's lady neighbor talking to Joyce about Edward says, "Joyce, I just saw this strange guy drop in with Peg. He looked kind of pale…" His hair is intensely black and oddly grown for the society he finds himself in.The neighbors in this suburb are insatiably curious, led by a nosy neighbor named Joyce (Kathy Baker).The movie then develops into a series of situations that seem inspired by silent comedy, as when Edward tries to pick up a pea.Jim’s jealousy pushes Edward to do the unthinkable, taking Jim’s life which he regrets. Edward is a lover of peace and if Jim had been friendly and man enough, he even wouldn’t have lost his girlfriend because she was humane and loving.


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