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Mahamahopadhyaya Ganganath Jha’s English translation of Sabarabhasya and Slokavartika are useful only to study the texts. Purvamimamsa technique of programme organisation 4 7 9. Use of Purvamimamsa nyaya to clarify 9 3 Dvaita interpretation and Dvaita doctrine 1 6 . 4 Critical Essays on Purvamimamsa Annad bhavanti bhutani parjanyadanna sambhavah yajhatbhavati parjanyo yajriah karmasamudbhavah 3WI-«*=l£l I 4f: *4^4: II (Gita 3-14) Since the sacrificial activity leads to the welfare of all it has to be carried on for ever, generations after generation.

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As the performance of the sacrifices was actively going on, there was no need to describe the whole procedure step by step at that time. In many instances it departs from other Srauta Sutras. In addition to these, there are fourteen Pitrmedha Sutras and eight Parisisfas. In these the construction of yajfia mantapa, the construction of sacrificial altars, Garhapatya etc. These are a kind of geometrical works, and the foundation of Vedic Mathematics and Vedic Vastu. By this the various fire places and altars are measured. Seven Havir yajnas are enumerated as under: The Perspective and the Scope of Purvamimamsa 7 (i) Agnyadheya (ii) Agnihotra (Hi) Darsapurna masau (iv) Agrayana (v) Caturmasyani (vi) Daksayana yajfia (vii) Kunda-payinam ayanam.

This task was 6 Critical Essays on Purvamimamsa done by Srauta Sutras. Among these Baudhayana Srauta Sutra is the oldest and gives the detailed description all major sacrifices. The number and nature of Sacrifices The sacrifices are analysed in three groups viz., (i) Paka yajfias (ii) Havir yajnas and (iii) Soma yajnas. According to Baudhayana Sutra (B S’s 24-4) seven Soma Yajnas as enumerated as under : i) Agnistoma, ii) Atyagnistoma iii) Ukthya, iv) Sodasi, v) Vajapeya, vi) Aptoryama, and vii) Atiratra.

11, Uttaradi Matha Compound, Uttaradimatha Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore-560 004. of Pages : vii 6 23 Price : 300 © : Author Year of Publication 2013 ISBN No.: SI-903727-9-3 Printed at : Dhaarini Graphics, B’lore. The sacrificial offerings are offered to the deities. Thus the scope of the sacrificial activities includes the vedic injuctions and the deities also.

Pandurangi and published by Vidyadhisa Post Graduate Sanskrit Research Centre, No. Formula for the application of vedic injunction 4 17 5 6 . The vedic language also describes the nature and the presiding deities of different aspects of nature.

In this volume a critical and disciplinary study of all major issues of Purvamimamsa is made. Pandurangi Former Prof, of Sanskrit Bangalore University IV Contents 1 . Utilisation of Purvamimamsa nyaya in Dvaita Vedanta 6 6 1 3 . Justification of the word aditi belonging to Visnu prakarana 10 8 2 0 . Kurvannevch karmani jijiviset satam samah $4-^ 44(lftl w mu I Gita declares that no one can remain without any activity even for a moment.

It is hoped that this volume will be useful to research students and research scholars. Justification of the presence 110 of opposite attributes Critical Essays on Purvamimamsa v 2 1 . Na hi kascit ksanamapi jatu tisthati akarmakft * f| SIFJ I (Gita 3-5) Sacrificial activities constitute the Srauta religion.

In five sections viz, Prajapatya, Saumya, Agneya, Vaisvadeva and Svayambhuva.

This helps us to comprehend Rsi, Devata, hymns and rituals.

(iii) For the sacrificial activity also no beginning can be traced in historical term.

A brief Account of the Doctrines of Prabhakaras 5 5 9 8 1 . According to Purvamimamsa, (i) the world is neither created nor it will be destroyed. (ii) the language particularly, the Vedic language has no beginning nor the end.


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