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By studying the history of sports, we can learn about the social changes that man has gone through in the past as well as the transformations that sports in itself has undergone.

They are earning even more than some of the employees on Wall Street.

Sports can therefore end up providing the youth with a way of fending for themselves in this world where white collar jobs have become scarce and the manual jobs are being constantly replaced by technology. Sports does not only create employment opportunities for the participants, off the field, there are team managers, tacticians, fitness experts, dietary advisors and a whole lot of other experts who benefit from the youth’s involvement in sports.

According to Storm & Jenkins, (2002), the childhood obesity rates which currently stand at approximately 15% are an increase of over 40% through the past 40 years.

Childhood obesity is not only a cause of health problems at the present in the form of Type II diabetes but due to its relation to adult obesity, these individuals are likely to become struggling adults with obesity if they do not change their sedentary lifestyles.

These include; cooperation, sharing, respect, altruism and many others (Larrieu & Mussen, 1986).

Sports among the youth is therefore a very important tool through which individuals, especially the antisocial ones can hone their social skills through interaction with their team mates as well as the opposing players.

The other classification of sporting activities can be physical or non-physical.

The physical sports are those that require movement of the body muscles for which fitness is of the essence. Non-physical sports include board games like chess, draft, scrabble among others; these are mostly played in the mind but nevertheless are still sports.

Sports among the youth is a key factor that has been noted to promote prosocial characteristic traits among individuals.

According to Bar-Tal, (1976) and Bierhoff, (2002), prosocial are positive forms of social behavior that are not motivated by personal obligations, rather they are voluntary and they have positive results.


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