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Gender roles are social constructs developed over time and are not based on natural human behavior.This is because gender roles evolved as a way to organize the necessary tasks done in early human society.The fight over her presents the idea of male possession, and this can be seen as a primal instinct of man, to have control over the important resource.

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I have personally been pressured to behave and dress in more traditionally feminine ways by my mother and sisters.

This often goes against my nerdy, tomboyish nature, especially since I do not enjoy wearing things like earrings, high-heels, (most) bright colors, or frilly clothes - the types of things that are equated to femininity.

New female roles also use shock tactics to surprise, which is again exploiting traditional views.

Double standards are wide-rife, and they must be eliminated for the emergence of true equality.

While they take on the active role in fighting the war, she stays in the permissive role, waiting for fate to act itself out in deciding her future.

It is interesting to see that she stays with the one who survives.

I also do not often act as elegant or passive as my mother would prefer, but rather I am generally blunt, cynical, awkward, and geeky.

These characteristics do not really fall under the clear-cut generalizations for females; they are somewhere in between male and female characteristics.

In such roles women can be seen to rival male aspects, and exceed the male ability to be independent, intelligent and dominant.

Take the 2006 film Bandidas, in which two local Mexican girls stand up to the antagonists by doing something very active - stealing from banks.


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