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A project was conducted on students of around sixteen years of age and the findings indicated that students did employ the four phases of problem solving emphasized by George Polya.However, students fared better when they regulated their thinking process or employed metacognitive skills in the process of solving mathematics problems.In attempting to innovate teaching and learning in order to prepare a new generation for the demands of this new era, many educators have discovered the value of metacognition.

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Training kids to use it proactively to overcome obstacles, it turns out, can be a powerful tool.

More and more studies are suggesting that kids who are taught to use metacognitive strategies early on are more resilient and more successful, both in and out of school.“I view metacognition as a goal,” says Marc Gladstone, a learning specialist.

Metacognition refers to a higher level of thinking that engages control upon the thinking practice drawn in learning.

Knowledge is thought-out to be metacognitive if it is keenly used in a strategic way to make sure that a certain objective has been achieved.

Another skill is “Metacomprehension” related to students’ ability to check the level of understanding information when communicating with others and help also in recognizing mistakes and their ability to correct them (Calumet, 2011).

Metacognitive skills are significant controllers to all duties that we carry out.“Getting into the habit of using metacognitive strategies early on helps kids become more independent learners and bolsters self-advocacy skills.”“Metacognitive thinking teaches us about ourselves,” says Tamara Rosier, a learning coach who specializes in metacognitive techniques.“Thinking about our thinking creates perspective — perspective that leaves room for change.”She gives an example: “Instead of saying, ‘Math tests make me anxious,’ we’re asking ourselves, ‘What is it about math tests that makes me feel anxious and what can I do to change that?’ ”Kids who are taught to think of themselves as being “good” or “bad” at a particular task can have a fixed mindset that makes them passive in approaching a challenge: either they can do it or they can’t, but they aren’t likely to think they can change that outcome.Teaching kids to become more metacognitive helps them move from a mindset that leaves little room for change to a mindset which promotes self-awareness and resilience.Helping your child learn to work through difficult situations (or homework assignments, as the case may be) without becoming overwhelmed or giving up is especially valuable for kids with learning issues who may need to come up with different strategies than other students in the class.For example: Metacognitive skills are not only excellent tools for kids who learn differently, and often find themselves struggling to keep up.They help us plan, set goals, solve problems, control activities and correct faults.“Metamemory” is related to students’ consciousness about their own remembrance schemes and the approaches they may apply to utilize their memories efficiently.We will help you to create perfect research paper on any topic.Prof – Leading custom essay and dissertation writing company and we are 24/7 open to serve you writing needs!


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