Essay On Professional Values And Ethics

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Parents are going away from their responsibilities for their children as well as their partners.

With the existence of legal abortion thousands of children have lost their lives at the hands of doctors.

In some places ethical imperatives coincide with public policy and /or practice, while in other places they diverge.

Policy in no nation surveyed answers entirely to all of the ethical demands.British Journal of Nursing, 8(14) p.956-60 Nursing and Midwifery Council (2008)”The code Standards of conduct, performance and ethics for nurse and midwifes”. 21-35 Rogers W et al (2007) “Is sex selective abortion morally justified and should it be prohibited? [email protected]&vid=18 (accessed on 8 January 2011) Raatikainen R (1989) “Values and ethical principles in nursing”. 92- 6 Sheldon S, Wilkinson S (2001) “Termination of pregnancy for reason of fetal disability”. 85-109 Young R (2006) “Vermont Children’s Aid Society offers free training on Understanding Infant Adoption to health care”. NMC, London Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (2004b) “The Care of Women Requesting Induced Abortion”. This not only helps your coworkers but in the long run provides faster more efficient care for the patients.Teamwork may be one of the most important professional characteristics in healthcare.Nurses act as advocates for the rights of their patients and are frequently involved in ethical issues and ethical decision-making processes.The professional nurse should be aware of and familiar with patient rights.The ethical status of abortion will remain controversial for the foreseeable future.Restrictive abortion law deserve greater attention. School based educational programmes and availability of contraceptive are more important to help in reduce the teenage abortions.The nurse must evaluate their own professional and personal values, reassessing them periodically to be aware of themselves. Values Essay: Expressing the Ability to Apply Social Concepts and Values and Understanding the Social Work Values and Ethics Social work is a profession where the objective is to improve the lives of individuals.


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